SP-500 Automatic Solder Paste Printer

Basic Info

Model: SP-500
Type: High-Speed
Spindle Qty: 16
Feeder Qty: 76 or 152(Option)
Placement Speed: 50,000 CPH
Applicable Component:
0201~36mm IC (0.4mm Lead Pitch)

Parammeter Specification

Parameter specification 
Placement Speed65000 cph
Servo Resolution10 um
Placement Accuracy±0.04 mm
Track Length2360 mm
Board SizeMinimum 50mmx50mm
Maximum 450mmx450mm
Board Thickness 0.4 mm~3.0 mm
Board Weight0.68Kg Below
PCB Transmission mechanismThree Phrases
Component Type76 Categories(Maximum/Converted To 8mm Volume)
Nozzle Quality 16
Feeder Capacity76 Stations
Feeder Specification8mm~56mm
Applicable componentFrom The Tiny Chip Of 0201 To The Large Component Of 30mm With Various Of Resistors And Capacitors,IC etc.
Plywood WaySide-on,Top and Bottom
AlignmentScanning for centering
Power AC380V
Air Source0.5~0.8Mpa
Control systemWindows7 Control Platform of the Chinese and English Interface
Machine SizeL2450mmxW1800mmxH1550mm

Quality Material Control


1.High stability optical system

Advanced up/down visual system, independent controllable and adjusted lighting, high speed mobile camera lens, precisely alignment for the PCB and template and make sure that the printing accuracy is ±0.025mm.
Four-way light source adjustable, with uniform illumination and the perfect image collection, making the various types of Mark points can be a very good identification (including the rugged Mark point), to meet the tin, Gold- plated, spray tin, FPC, and other types of different colors of the PCB.

2.High-efficiency stencil cleaning system

 The bottom of the board can be cleaned by manual or automatically. The clean function for the bottom of board is automatic and no need any assists. It can be programmed to control the dry, wet or vacuum cleaning. The cleaning time interval can be free to set. It can clean all the solder paste inside the board holes and guarantee the high quality printing.
 The new wiping system ensures full contact with the stencil, and the increased vacuum suction ensures that the solder paste remaining in the mesh is effectively removed, and the effective automatic cleaning function is achieved.


3.Intelligent scraper system

 Suspended printing head which is designed specially in high rigid structure. The scraper pressure, speed and movement are controlled by the computer, which can maintain the even and stability of the printing. Besides, the structure of scraper beam is light and well-formed.
 Sound and light alarm function. It can indicate the reason of the fault.
 Can deal with the PCB base board no matter it is single side or double side.
 Programmable and independent direct- coupled stepper motor control, Built-in precision pressure control system.


4.Multi-functional PCB handling device

 There is a multifunctional device to deal with boards. The device can automatically positioning and pick up various size and thickness PCB boards.
It has mobile magnetic thimble, vacuum platform and vacuum chamber, which can avoid board deformation effectively and make sure the even of printing.
 Simple and reliable PCB positioning system: Adaptive PCB board thickness, software tunable flexible side pressure and magnetic supporting device.

5.Excellent 2D inspection

 2D solder paste printing quality check and analysis function can inspect fast on printing imperfection, such as the offset, insufficient solder paste, missing printing and solder paste bridging etc. It can check the printing performance and insure the printing quality.

6.Electronic control system

 Good man-machine interaction environment, simple operation. It is easy to learn and operate.
 It can print 0.3mm spacing bonding pad perfectly.

Machine Diagram


Machine Video

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